I hate his female friends and I'm about too snap?

My guy has these two female friends that constantly texting him, tagging him in stuff and what looks like flirting to me by them. He has other female friends that are lovely and have made me very welcome but these two are testing me and I don't know what to do about it. We're only together a few months and he has no idea I'm annoyed with this.

How do you deal with tricky friends, I've never actually had this problem so I don't know what to do. As horrible as it sounds I want them gone but I can't exactly say that to him.


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  • Oh boy! I have gone through this same problem!!! DON'T attack them for it. Address the problem to him, if he really cares he'll tell them to back off or reassure you they don't mean harm. Communicate with him! If he chooses them over you forget him!

  • depends how close are they

    • They wouldn't be like his best friends just like in his group.

    • thats not descriptive do you know how long they have known each other or how big of friends they are?

  • Hahah be extremely flirtatious with your boy while they're around...

    Such sadistic pleasure

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