Is It A Date?

Okay so my guy friend and I are going to go see Alice In Wonderland on Tuesday night. He wants to pick me up and pay for everything when we get there. When we first met he told me how cute he thought I was. This was a couple of years ago so I'm not sure if he still feels the same. He's a pretty respectable guy and I know he wouldn't be the first one to make a move..but does this sound like a date? Or just friends? Either way I'd be fine with haha.


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  • You should actually ask him. Put him on the spot, he'll answer. It'd probably be, "date"

    • P.s. I'd like that if a girl I was into asked that, just fyi. So from my experience that would be what I think.

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  • Based on the description, him covering your transportation and expenses sure makes it sound like a date to me.

  • I wouldn't ask because if you ask and he just wanted to chill it might make things awkward.

    It seems like a date

    *hes picking you up

    *hes paying for you

    *going to watch a movie

    If he makes a move on you then you'll have your anwser haha.


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