Why are guys supposed to repair mistreated girls?

The only girls available to date are single because they dated an asshole. They could have chosen a better guy from the start. Why are the new boyfriends supposed to repair the girl who dated an asshole?

I personally don't like getting a damaged baggage girl. I'm not in the repair business. I want a girl who chooses the right guy and makes good decisions. I usually treat baggage girls just as bad as the last guy.


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  • Well that's going to happen quite often since they go through a lot of relationships and get experience to know what they want

    • I hate it how we have to settle for high mileage girls. We are getting the leftovers.

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    • So girls just assume you have been with other girls before them?

    • Usually unless your like really young or seem inexperienced , just as you assume most girls have been with jerks, you still can find some that haven't been with anyone yet

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  • I love how all the blame is on the girl, as if she 'chose' an asshole. Sure, some guys are assholes right off the bat and some of us fail to see it. But not all guys are at all. Some are very nice and only become an asshole later in the relationship, such as during an argument.

    Just because I have baggage doesn't mean I'm looking to be 'fixed'. I have had plenty of shitty guys and look, I'm still here. I know I still have good qualities. I'm looking for a guy but not so he can make me feel secure in myself, but so we can share our time together, support each other, and make each other laugh and love each other.

    Why would you treat a girl bad on purpose, ever, in regards to your last sentence?

    • I treat them like shit Because they are not good enough and should have chosen me first.

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    • You're still blaming but okay. You're acting like every girl saw you, THEN dated another guy BECAUSE he was an asshole, and then went to you. But the likelihood of that scenario is slim to none. Any guy who treats ANY girl like shit is not a good guy, so honestly if you're going to approach dating like that, don't even bother.

    • Who do you remember more? 1. The guy you lost your V-card to? 2. the guy that treated you the worst? Since i can't have a non virgin girls V-card, I want them to remember me too. If I treat non virgin girls like bad shit, they will remember me. It hasn't prevented non virgin girls showing interest in me. I still get the dates and the relationship opportunities to treat them like the used shit they are.

  • If you wanted her to not be so "damaged" you probably should have found her first

  • Oh sure, let us all just pull the asshole detectors out of our asses and use them from now on.

    News flash: THERE IS NONE.

    It's called they're lying bastards. And by the way, we also don't have built in lie detectors.

    So how about instead of blaming the girls, you guy stop being assholes in the first place because you're horny and want a piece of ass.

    FYI, this question alone shows that you also are one.

    • I'm a guy who wants the girl first not second.

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    • If the girl didn't have a past there wouldn't be a problem.

    • Whatever dude.

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