If a guy takes a drug to stop him from going bald then should he tell a girl he is dating?

If a guy knows he is going bald but takes a pill to stop it from happening, would you feel that you had a right to know if you were dating him or his girlfriend? Why do you feel that way?

Also, do you think its a good thing for a guy to take a pill to stop him going bald like his dad etc?

Thanks for the replies so far.. what about the second part 'do you think a guy should take pills to stop/slow his hair loss?'


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  • No I wouldn't feel I had a right to know. I'd hope in time he'd trust me enough to tell me anything though, but he shouldn't feel pressured into disclosing that to me

    If I'd be dating him long-term and I discovered it years later , then I'd feel a little disappointed that he didn't feel comfortable enough to tell me. I wouldn't hold it against him though.

  • I wouldn't really care, but if we were dating I'm sure it would come up at some point, I'd probably see him take it, and because I don't think it's a big deal, if I ask, I don't expect him to lie about it. I'd be like "oh what's that you're taking" and he'd be like "a pill to prevent baldness, it runs in the family and I'm trying not to lose my hair too early" I'd be like "okay cool"


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