Should I just wait it out?

so I've been talking to this guy for a month, everything was great We hung out a couple of times & talked on the phone, texted here & there. Now it seems like he doesn't write to me at all unless I initiate it. Do I just let him reach out to me or do I keep trying? I just feel like I'm chasing him at this point.


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  • make yourself available to talk to other guys and do so. you should be doin this up until the 2nd or 3rd date. it forces u to keep connections light and encourages more effort from the guys as you'll be busy more often than not.

    dedicating urself to one person the second u begin texting is foolish. if they're not initiating like they have before what else can it mean? go text someone else. he'll figure it it n start saying hello again.

    • Thats what I've been doing just texting other people & focusing on my finals this week. He also said in the beginning that he wanted to take things slow because he wanted to know what kind of person I was & that he's always super busy at work. But he would still call me after work or text me in between which is why Im confused. So I guess I just gotta wait it out & see if he decides to call me.

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  • If you have been reaching out to him first every time then I would stop and see if he does. Guys like a chase too, and you are not giving him that. He also may just be being nice and responding but trying to fade, so stop and see if he texts you and that will be your answer.


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  • I am actually in the same position, we actually talked about pursuing a relationship! I really don't know what to do and if I try to break it up he gets mad at me. but I don't like to feel I'm doing all the chasing, so I know how you feel.

  • Does he respond in a timely manner? How long does it take him to respond?

    Are his messages short (er) than they used to be? How short?

    • He usually takes like an hr or so to respond. Except on Monday i didn't here from him at all & after that its been like me initiating conversations. His messages dont seem any different when he does text back.

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    • No not bad at all. Its just he changed his ways he would call me once he got out of work & now I can't even get a text.
      & honestly I was very interested but I texted him today to see if he wanted to hang or something & he never replied my texts but saw my snapchats.

    • Texting and snapchatting? Stick to texting, that's silly to do both.

      Give him the benefit on the text, he might be busy.

      Hmm, but if you're losing interest and worrying this much, so soon... Perhaps you should move on because constantly wondering about someone else isn't healthy.

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