Which is the right moment for someone who has tried his best dating without ever succeeding to give up?

Long story shorty, everyone, both males and females, seems to have the same opinion about me: I'm funny, clever and kind, but I'm 100% not-boyfriend material. And this seems to be confirmed by the statistics that every single girl I asked out (over 20) in the past has always rejected me, and I'm not one of those with high standards or who just wants to pick up women at the bar (I'm not interested in this, and even if I was my strong suit is personality, not attractiveness), I always try spending some time with 'em before rushing into asking the out.
I know that giving up would mean burning even that remote possibility that I could have to find one, but it's honestly starting to get frustrating, and it is even lowering down my self-esteem, which used to be quite high (not self concerned dick-head level, though).


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  • Girls like older guys so it should get easier as you get more confidence, experience and success in life. Don't give up before you peak.


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  • Don't always concern yourself with trying to find someone, enjoy life being single at times, then after some time you try again, sometimes you someone by chance, you should match. com or plentyofish but never give up

    • Well, it's really hard enjoying being single when you don't know what it feels like not being one, especially 'cause 80% of people I go out with are couples.
      I mean, I love hang out with my friends, but it's not like we won't do that anymore if I get engaged with someone.

    • I know all to well, I didn't get married till I was 31, I only had maybe 3 relationships before that and now I'm single again because I'm going through a divorce

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