Why would a guy fall for such weird ugly nasty women?

i met a guy recently- he's ok looking- at first he seemed ok but ended up being like a psycho or crazy. He even said i was out of his league- im really pretty or beautiful.

he began treating me really badly and was so mean to me. I realized he was juggling several women- two of them being these really ugly fat women who were psychics. One woman was so ugly it was hard to look at her picture- she seemed really dark and gross too. He seems infatuated with these women- like wtf. Also he wouldn't do sexual things to me and tried to dominate me. why is he into these hideous weird creepy ugly women who are freaks and treating a smoking hot gorgeous nice woman badly

Also, this guy is a pathological liar, creepy, crazy and seems to fall in love with every woman he meets.
when he hung out with me recently, he bragged about how good looking he was, though he's not
and just put me down. He also won't go down on me, or eat me out but claims he 'eats women out."
im really sexy and hot and he just seems to want to put me down dominate or abuse me
What is wrong with this jerk and why is he this way.. and falling for really ugly creepy weird
women who are dark disgusting and strange. He even admits these women are lonely. One
even picked up a homeless guy and made him her boyfriend, and I think this guy had sex with her

just to explain he begged to move in with me and even offered to pay me 6k for it. he didn't want to stay with those women- he was just using them or all of us. he wanted to be friends with one and she got jealous. another was asking him to move in- so he liked me but i dont get why he's so hung up over those two creepy women and one is dating a homeless guy
for the pitiful creeps and their nasty answers--i look like a victoria's secret model and am really gorgeous. He begged to live with me and has been begging to stay with me and give me 6k for it from his dad. i refused b/c he's such a jerk to me and cuz he's a sociopath and likes every woman he meets. he's psycho and hung up on the fat women esp the one who ditched him cuz he didn't like her that way, she was more into him than he was her. but he's upset he lost her as a friend... i dont even


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  • attraction is subjective. what you call ugly nasty may not be to someone else

    • nope they are nasty he even admits theyre homely and one is so ugly her pic made me want to vomit.. i look like a victoria's secret model one looks like ursula from the little mermaid

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    • Why do you stick to things which you claim to deny anyway?

    • @scooogy i knw mate right? she's so far up herself she must look like a donut. She blocked me for saying so the daft boot lol

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  • Uhkay... Wow. Um. I don't even know where to start with... any of this. Listen if you really felt all of these things about this... "man" then you wouldn't have written any of this. If you really truly felt you are as amazing as you say you are you wouldn't have even given this fool the time of day in the first place. Grown women aren't attracted to boys they are attracted to other equally grown men. If he's into domination of course he is going to go after weak, "ugly", social outcasts because they are prime meat for a predator. They're victims and probably have a victim complex and that means they won't say no to a homeless man or him when he tries to do whatever it is he's trying to do to them. Don't start gloating because that means he saw something in you that he also saw in these other women and that's why he initially went after you. He saw a victim in you. I was raised by a man just like this and it's taken me and still is taking me a very long time and many years of therapy to... how do I explain... "reroute" the systems my brain put in place to protect me from him. I've never had a victim mindset and that's why I survived and that's why he hit me harder every time. Because, that strong little girl in me never let her knees buckle and I never broke and that pissed him off. I think the same thing happened here. He saw that although you may have the outward appearance of a victim or maybe the demure nature of a victim you really aren't one. And that upset him. So when he was done with you he ran off to find better game and what you're seeing now is the result of that. Don't be so quick to judge and say nasty shit because what he sees in those women he saw in you too. At the same time you did prove him wrong and you should feel proud of that. BUT, what you're doing here right now is exactly the reason why he chose you: You're acting petty and weak. If this really is below you then why are you interested in it? If you really are a strong grown woman why are you meddling in kids' games? Quit fooling with these children and act like the woman you say you are.

    • i agree.. that's true... and yes he is a predator...
      but in the beginning he was really nice... so i fell for the facade until i didn't give him what he wanted. if he wanted to hang with me and i said one more day--or i was busy he would start punishing me.

      im also not gloating--i am a beautiful and quality woman.. who is strong and independent and educated. He went to harvard and was in medical school too until he screwed up. He initially made it seem like he liked me and wanted to be with me, and maybe he did. Then he went psychotic. But your theory seems correct, though he is STILL trying to move in with me- he wants to mostly to control me.. which is why i refused...

      This guy goes for any woman- whether she's a social outcast or not- from what I've seen he was trying to get with an older woman who had a boyfriend.. he's sick

    • im not acting petty or weak... and i dont believe he chose me b/c he saw i was a victim, though possibly true. He said i was really beautiful and he was attracted to me etc.. and he WAS nice to me until he didn't get his way. he kept trying to hang out with me daily, even if i had work and other things. Then he got nasty and mean.. he was already seeing these women before he met me... and yes he's a predator but u dont have to be a victim to fall prey to one- they can break u down

    • yes its true.. as to why he'd be going after those women- he even said that the women there are 'lonely single' and have no friends- in the community. he is bipolar and on lots of medication unstable mentally and crazy..

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  • When hot girls won't try guys will go after other girls who may be less attractive.

    • he was already talking to the ugly women before he met me- probably grooming them or leading them on.. then he met me and wanted to move in with me. When i didn't want to hang out with him one Sunday he went crazy and tried to control dominate me... either way he's really psycho and he's still trying to move in with me...

    • Just move on.

  • Maybe because you're right up yourself. Nobody respects people like that. A bit of humility goes a long way. You coukd look like helen of troy but if you were self obssessed you might as well look like a horror film monster. Its just as repulsive in a woman as it is in a man

  • "Also, this guy is a pathological liar, creepy, crazy and seems to fall in love with every woman he meets. "

    every woman except you apparently

  • Some of the best women in my life were fat and ugly by societies standards, and some of the worst have been super hot models. I am not condoning his nasty behaviour but you shouldn't get mad about a guy to whom not everything is about looks.

    • no its not that- this guy is a sociopath--he is getting with diff women at once, trying to fuck all of them, and lying to them AND trying to get them to be friends--he's fucking crazy. and he's trying to move in with me and treats me like shit. he has no standards and he's insane...
      and these women are scary and dark- its not about their looks its who they are as people too

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    • Why are you still dealing with him then?

      Yeah, fuck this guy. But you make is sound like it is about you being hot and the other girls being ugly. That makes you ugly.

    • no it doesn't.. and the other women are very ugly.. inside and out.. theyre just disgusting weird people... if you're talking to a girl and she's talking to like some heroin addicts.. you'd be worried too about what kind of person she is.. u must live in la la land where ugly and weird people don't exist... that's life.. grow up

  • i believe you are projecting your psychopathic, creepiness, and lying onto somebody else.

    • only a psychopath like you would say that to a victim.. you're sick and get lost freak

  • You seem like such a joy to be around I could not imagine why he would want to keep the company of other women.

    • oh yeah thats why he begged to move in with me and pay me 6k... he's the one using and playing and juggling several women... he's the predator and sociopath.. you're sick.. get lost freak

  • That's life, get used to it.


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  • I guess that to him, they're not too 'weird, ugly, nasty'. Or for whatever reason, he found them more suitable to his desires than he found you to be.

    • @kaylaS91 I agree with you, it's just subjective, nothing more. Life isn't just black and white.

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    • I don't see anything 'wrong' with him, objectively speaking.
      Did he ever tell you that he wants to settle down with you, and be monogamous?

    • oh really.. a pathological liar who's juggling 3 women at the same time?
      and a sociopath... well you have issues yourself
      the guy is psychotic and unstable and bipolar

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