My crush is asking another girl to the dance, should I be worried?

I know this guy since the beginning of the year because we have 1st period together and we would hang out a lot but then I heard that he kissed someone from my friend group and I was kinda sad because even if he liked me it would be weird that he kissed my friend. But after a few months he told me that he liked me.. And I kinda freaked out and we wouldn't talk a lot after that happened. So today I found out he was thinking about asking this other girl to the dance but I know that she'll most likely turn him down because she's kinda dating someone but not really. She's also my friend!! It's just a really weird situation, but what if he asks me? Do I seem like the backup girl? Or something like that? And I'm not even sure I still like him. So yeah it's really complicated but I don't know what to do!!!


What Guys Said 1

  • Should have made the move op
    Guys can't read minds ya know


What Girls Said 2

  • i think he friend zoned you

    • from my experience guys won't take notice of hints easily so its better to be straight foreword about it

    • Gotcha :|

  • I think this guy isn't worth it! If he really liked you he would've put in the effort to talk to you more and wouldn't have put you through so much. Go to the dance and have fun with your friends! You don't need a date! Trust me it's a lot more fun going with your friends and if you're not sure if you like this guy then find a guy you're sure you really like! <3

    • That's a good point, I don't think bringing a guy is going to make it any more fun then going with my friends

    • But I'm kinda mad he asked my friend and not me 😞