I don't know why she broke up with me?

In the beginning of the year, I met this gal through online dating. we went out on an few days and after an month, i asked her if she would be interested in being 'exclusive'. she said yes and ever since then, we been going out..

for the past several months, we had some amazing time. We would go out, have date nights, make dinner together. pretty much everything an couple would do.. after an month or so, I brought her home to meet my parents. She was the first girl I brought home and introduced to my parents.. things were great,

We would text each other every morning and night. but last month, i took an vacation and as soon as i got back, she called it quits and we been friends since. but I haven't texted her or called her.. she said we can still get coffee + dinner. But I don't know what to say to her, cause in my mind, she will always be the girl I first loved.

ever since then, I feel like crap.. I can't stop thinking about her, everyday I go to work, she will always be on my mind. I feel miserable. I miss her, she was the first gal I ever fell in love with.

she said 'I give too much, your personality is always so bubbly' what is wrong with that? she said we are two different? I don't know what else to do..

I want her back in my life, I miss her company. I miss the days where we go have dinner, spend time with each other.

Ladies, what could it be? should i ask her why we broke up? or what?


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  • she is gold digfger!

  • Slap yourself hard and find a new girl. Stop living in the past.


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