Ghosting or Not?

So me and this guy have been texting each other for 5 months now, went out on two dates, thought the second one went great, but then he's texting lesser. After he haven't reply for a week, sent him this text asking to meet up and told him 'feel like you have been a bit distant lately, maybe we should talk things through so there's no confusion' and he replied back straight away telling me he's working 9 days now with only a day of break.
So could you guys tell me if he's ghosting and reply just being nice or is he actually busy?

  • He's trying to ghost!
  • He's likes me, but just too busy
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What Guys Said 2

  • Five months and two dates. What is that? For either of you, have you heard the term "shit or get off the pot"?

  • i think he's trying to ghost, but its also possible that he's actually busy

    • I feel like he's trying to ghost as well... but then he does have quite a busy job and he's not on social media a lot lately...

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    • Well I don't want to message him if he's clearly trying to ghost

    • its also possible that he's busy in his job, thats why i said to message him

What Girls Said 1

  • It's hard to say, but in my opinion no one is too busy to send a quick text to let you know they are thinking about you. It literally takes seconds to send one.

    So if someone genuinely likes you and thinks about you , then they'll make an effort not an excuse. No matter how busy I was, I'd always sacrifice time out of my busy schedule for those I care about.