Is it just sex or is it more to him?

OK, so there's this guy. It's basically a sex thing, which we both agreed. More like a friend with benefits thing (we aren't even really friends, we are not that close).

However, lately he's been acting weird like giving too much information to simple questions. Example, I would ask him if we would meet on Friday & the next answer I get is how he was ill today and could only work for 2 hours and of course he would come. It's not like I don't care about his health or anything but I didn't need to know that. Just wanted to know if he was coming or not. Plus he has asked me more than twice if I have 'been with someone else' (had sex) other than him and if I have a lover.

After a session, I kinda ignore him - listen to music or work. I know that's awful but he just isn't that interesting after sex. Like he is boring. And he tries to cuddle me!
Plus he shows up when I am with other guys. Not stalking or anything. But if we do bump into each other and I am with a guy, he tends to exchange pleasantries with me more than usual.

Well.. Just want to know if he is into me more than the sex thing we have going on.

The dude in question is known to be a playboy who has had his life turned upside down a couple of times by girls (How do I know this? The too much information I was talking about!!)


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  • I never understood people who have sex and nothing more. So, after you guys have sex, the two of you leave without saying a word to each other?

  • and when he asked you more than twice if you had been with someone else, did you answer him?

    • a playboy that got his life turned upseide down a couple of times by girls? lol he did fucked her all of them, so he got what he wanted, you want to believe what you want to believe.. you believe this "playboy" when he says " yeah, i had trouble with other girls, they were mean to me" cmon.. seriously

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    • Yeah, I did

    • yeah you did, and the answer was?

      i just know that i wouldn't be interested in some girl who was sleeping arround. i do care somewhat about how big of a player a person can be,

      you sound like your like him lol, hey maybe he is "changing" haha

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  • It seems to Appear here, dear, that 'The dude in question Who is known to be a playboy," May be Changing his tune a bit with you, and his feelings for you are Beginning to Show with joe.
    A Friends with Benefits Relationship sometimes backfires with Someone's own Desires that Go straight from Sex to the Heart. It may be happening with him, at least, right now.
    You both need to sit down and have serious talk. If there is More in Store that seems 'Too Much' than you Need to get some Firsthand with this Man where you both need to Stand 'Information' so you both can get on the same page, @abelle036
    From where I am sitting, He has something 'More' in Mind than the 'Sex thing we have going on.' He may be getting even Territorial.
    Good luck. xx

    • The thing is, I don't want more. I like him, but not enough to date him

    • Okay, so "Basically a sex thing," as you say and with this, I am saying you both need to talk this out so there is no problem down the line.. He may have some feelings and if so, if you want to continue with Joe, set the record straight. xx