What to do about tension between girl and I?

I fell in love with a coworker, she may or may not have led me on.

Anyhow I was heart broken,

And for a year we have both been really hot and cold towards each other... sometimes we are friends, sometimes we are not...

So I was heartbroken because she told me she had a boyfriend, I tried indirectly asking her out but she said no.

After some more time, I felt bad because I wasn't clear that I asked her out. So I straight up asked her if she liked me, and she said that we were just friends.

Which I also disliked how that went down, because I am not sure if she told the truth, and I still didn't tell her that I liked her.

So we see each other at work a lot, and we do make eye contact, but its that eye contact... I can't explain... like we both know something deeper is going on.

I am trying to get over this girl, but we don't talk anymore and I found out she is single, but I am unsure if I still want her because she hurt me.

I don't know how to end the tension, the communication between us is terrible, we are both a little shy, I am not sure if I should tell her she can be truthful with me or just keep ignoring her.


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  • Establish a friendship, then get close.. and try to get closer. If she's not judging then you can finally move on..

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    • Why do you feel hurt?

    • Just bring backs the pain of rejection...

      I physically feel it in my heart and just feel sad,

      I talked to her at work today, and just making her laugh and seeing her smile... It really hurts because I know she doesn't feel the same way back...

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  • Dude. If there is that much negativity tied to your interactions, it's clearly a bad idea no matter what tension there is between you. You are way too focused on someone who is not an intimate part of your life, which is basically obsessive and needy. Move on.

    • That is true, I'm having a tough time getting over her...

      I am struggling to meet new girls as well.

    • Hard to meet new girls when you are fixated on one. You will consciously and unconsciously talk yourself out of noticing, or even approaching different women because you only think about her. Take some time to invest in yourself. Avoid unnecessary contact with her (and don't use this as an idea to make her jealous, or notice you) and seriously give yourself a shot at coming to terms with the fact that it's only one sided and it's not just about you when it comes to her. When it comes to you, THEN it's all about you and if I were you I would use that moment to move on to things that make you happy etc...

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