Guys: How to get over my trust issues now that he and I are apparently "exclusive" ?

Notice how I even said "apparently" -_-
We now have that title but how will I know and stop doubting myself that there isn't another girl in the picture.


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  • if you actually explain how he approached you..

    if you guys were just fuck buddies and he says you guys are exclusive, that's bullshit haha!

    • We have gone on about 4-5 dates. In between some plans, he kept bailing on me. After patching things up just 2 days ago after we had no contact for one month, he came clean and said he wants to have another chance and see the "new him" He asked me what I wanted and I told him I want to be exclusive.

      so that's where we are. So far he has been consistent with texting me and asking about me for 2 days but still, it's too early too tell.

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    • i am not saying he is a bad dude,

      I have friends who are players, and i do advice them to speak straight up to girls, i tell them to not lead them saying all the things they wanna hear just for sex,

      i think you should just keep talking to him to see how he behaves.. i would change the type of hang out as well,

      Your going to play him too? you will end up hurt.. cause your gonna have fun with him, and your gonna want more lol.

      mark my words, your better off.

    • does he not see me as a girlfriend material because there's someone else he really wants, is that what this is?

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  • You can't. You can hide them, you can conceal them but as far as I know, you cannot make them disappear.

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