How can I get him out of his fear?

There is this guy that i love n i know that he loves me too... but he won't date me. i ve even told him how i feel about him but still... all i can make out of it is that he is trying to avoid me coz he has never been in a long term relationship n he doesn't want to hurt me... i know he really loves me coz things that my own best friends dont see about me he manages to see it just by looking at my eyes n i can read his eyes too... i want him to get over his fear coz i know he can't hurt me... even sub consciously he can't... what can i do or say that will make him at least admit to me that he loves me n wants to be with me... coz i see it in his eyes... please help me

thank u :)


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  • Maybe just prove to him that he's not the only one interested in the possibility of a relationship happening. If he still is trying to pull away then simply tell him that there's still time to think it over and then say bye and kiss him on the cheek xD. AND walk away and see if he follows lol.

    • "maybe just prove to him that he's not the only one interested in the possibiity of a relationship happening" i didn't understand what u meant here... haha the kiss him on the cheek part i like... ill do that when i go out with him after our exams r over... but please explain that thing i just quoted

    • He's hesitant because he hurt the past girl so just take it slow and see where it goes and be calm and patient.

    • he doesn't really care about his exes but like with me its all different... i know that he is hesitant but coz of that he is like trying his best to try to make me hate him n thats whats annoying me mostly

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  • Tell him it's ok you can take it slow and see how he feels. But I'll cautious you to "know" he can't hurt you. If you have feelings for him, as prepared as you think you are, we can all be hurt by love.

    • ya tnx ill talk to him... the thing is i know that i can get hurt i just want to choose the people that can hurt me... tnx ill talk to him :)

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    • wasn't directed towards you

    • @carlitoswayy whats non sense

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  • 1. Q. How do you fall in love with someone who you have not dated?
    A. You don't. You may be infatuated but you are not in love.

    2. Since you have not dated, it is a mistake to think that you know what his motivations are. It is a mistake to think that you "know" that he loves you.

    3. Anyone who you care about is capable of hurting you.

    4. It is a mistake to think that you can do something to "make him" admit ant feelings he may have for you.

    • look i may not ve dated him but i know him... i can read his eyes... i love him... i dont need to date him to love him... i know the difference between love n infatuation... how i know he loves me... initially he lusted me... i read his eyes n saw his actions... now he is trying to make me hate him... coz he is in love with me... he loves my personality... n plus there must be something that i can do... everything is possible for me... i would prefer help n not discouragement

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    • @carlitoswayy lol he is no super man... look i know its not a crush or infatuation... i haven't been on any date with him but we r good friends... i ve known him since i started school in kindergarden... i am in love with his eyes coz i see the real him in them... look i dont wanna argue... if u ve anything to say about how i can get him over his fear then please do share it with me otherwise at least dont respect my feelings

    • There is much that happens after you start dating someone. If you have never done that, you can not know. People are trying to give you good advice and you want to keep your ears closed if they say anything that you do not like. Some people must learn their lessons the hard way and that is too much drama for me, so I'm out of here.

  • you know that he loves you? lol, your gonna get hurt.

    its soo hilarious when a boy tells a girl" i don't wanna hurt you, i don't wanna be in a serious relationship" then the girl keeps pushing and pushing and flirting, they get the guy, then the guy hurts them, its hilarious

    • he hasn't told me anything... i can see the love in his eyes for me... n i know he is doing all this to not hurt me... i just know it... its my gut feeling

    • I guess for you when a man says " i dont want to " means that he does

    • what do u mean by "i dont want to"?

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