Am I being too demanding?

I only see my guy like once a week and it's really bothering me. We're together like 9 weeks so it's still early days but just seeing each other once a week makes me worry it's not serious. He lives just 15 mins away we live in the same area so I'm so fed up. He does work long hours so I'm trying not to be a b*tch. Sometimes he could work from 8 up to 10 at night. If he gets called out on a job.

I really want to bring it up and have a talk about it. I kind of made a little remark about him not being bothered to see me and he said that of course he wants to see me. When were together I get all of his attention and he treats me good. And most days he keeps in contact by text. I don't want him to be with me 24/7 but at least two days. Am I being too demanding? How should I approach this?


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  • I think maybe cut him some slack.. sounds like he works a lot :( he does care for you, but he also needs his rest. Maybe ask if you can go over to his place some nights then? Tell him that you don't have to do anything, even if it's just spending some time together before going to sleep together, you just want more time with him.


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