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So I'm taking this girl I have wanted to go out with for a long time out on a date soon, go shopping have food etc. I was thinking about doing something special for her and I had a idea that I would "go take a phone call" or something and buy her like a necklace or bracelet maybe and then drop it in one of her bags so she finds it when she gets home. What you think? Also any ideas of how I could make her feel special?

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  • It's a NICE idea.. but practically might have some issues.. so if you go shopping with her you're just going to leave her alone on your date to run away and take a call? I feel like that might come off the wrong way to some people. And then the worry would be, she might get freaked out if she gets home and finds it because she doesn't remember getting it and worry that she stole it somehow. I think if you want to go that route, just pay special attention when you walk around if she says "oh this is cute!" then what you can do is right before you leave the mall, you can be like "hold on, i just want to stop at this one place before we go" and go back to that place and buy it for her while she's there.

  • Holy shit. This is perfect.

    Just say "I'm so sorry, this is urgent" and then come back and thank her for being so cool and understanding. When she finds the bracelet, it'll all make sense.

    PLUS- For a woman like me (who doesn't like having others pay for her stuff) it's a great way to give her a gift.


    DO IT!

  • Will depend on the girl, of course, but for any of us it'd be too much for a first date. I'd feel really awkward about getting a present on a first date... it would make me uncomfortable.


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