Good advice on Dating & Relationship anyone?

I need advice.
A friend of mine recently unloaded a burden. I have known her since primary school and she's a girl every woman wants to be and every guys dream. I just found out that she has never been in a relationship aside from when she had to go to prom and she had this date. she doesn't like to share her grieves its others about things at home and just carry on with her life. I know people judge her and i hear what they say behind our backs but she never lets these things get to her. Her childhood isn't all beds of roses and she's come out strong. she's nice, has a good job, has a car and her own place but I'm worried for her because she's still so single and we keep trying to get to date but guys just wants to get into her pants because she's so pretty. (she's got the body and face of your sexiest fantasy). she comes home crying because she still believes in all things romance like dating, courting, falling in love, kids, no divorce and such and to top it off, she is a christian, like good to God christian but not a crazy one (I am too and all) but she's the one that you want to go to for advice and comfort. she does know hoe to have fun.
Our recent task made me feel ashamed for myself because she really started talking to this guy and they really hit it off. but the guy only wanted to get into her pants again.

Is it that we both don't know what we are doing?
Is she meant to fall in love or be single for the rest of her life?
How come she gets judged before they get to at least know her (like the inside her)?
Do I have to teach her what to say or do?

For her to tell me this, I know she is really starting to feel it know and its hurting her.

please help


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  • Has she tried dating sites, and clearly specified that she is only looking for a relationship and NOT a hookup?

    • Yes. I personally completed and vetoed them cos I know she's going to back out of it. She has accepted that she'll never find someone but I know that there are good men out there. She's on POF, OKC, Eharmony and match.

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  • Sounds like you have something special there. I think you'll find your way together.

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