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Okay a little background: im living outside the us in a western style culture but more conservative
I met this girl, we went on a date, kissed at the end. She was blowing up my phone wanting another. I scheduled another, went well, ended up making out on my bed (clothes on :D). Asked her to hang out a few days later, no response for 2 days. She responded by saying something like "im unsure, i usually dont move so fast on such few dates. how much longer will you be here, what are you looking for, etc." I answered saying i wanted a relationship, would be few a few more years at least. didn't get a response. 3 days later texted asking if she wanted to go for a walk and talk, no response. I guess she isn't interested? should i forget about it?


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  • Two ideas pop into my head.

    The first and what I would do: If something happened that fast, I'd "slam on the breaks".
    Why? I'd be embarrassed that things moved so quickly so fast. That's not me and be terrified he'd get the wrong impression.

    2nd is that somehow she's no longer interested. Maybe partially due to the first reason, her own doubts, or there's someone else.

    Give her another few days (3,4) and don't reach out to her. If she doesn't reach out to you by then, delete her number.

    • thanks for the nice response :) i figured maybe it was the first thing or she just wouldn't have texted me again at all, but its impossible to say. i also thought it might make me look lame to text her again asking to hang out after her not responding but i was worried she was just embarrassed and didn't want to initiate. maybe i shouldn't push physical stuff so hard. its happened more than once; the girls enjoy it at the time but sometimes seem to regret it once they get home :P

    • Yeah, its easy to get caught up in the moment. Takes practice and a lot of self-control to be able to stop.

      Just give her some time. :]

  • I'd move on and forget about it if I were you.

    • I will, but any ideas about what happened?

    • She probably just changed her mind and wasn't interested any more.

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