This girl just started smiling every time she sees me?

Ok so this is kind of long but thank you if you read it and share opinions. So I been noticing this gorgeous women who catches the same train when I go home from work which has been around 10 months now. So first I just noticed her individual beauty meaning she's very very attractive and doesn't look like every other girl you see. So I was king of amazed and could stop looking at her at first but I was kind of also impressed as she would just look straight back at me. Most girls don't. Or they Atlesst seem shy wen they do. Ok so skipped catching the train for a while and every time I would see her she always looked a little shocked to see me get on the train. Then other times she would not even bother looking at me. So once I got on and the train was quiet and I sat opposite her and she just stared at the ground with her hands on her chest she looked amazing. So didn't see her for a while as broke my neck and arm after neck healed I started catching train again and it was mediocre every now and then stealing glances nothing major. But then this is were it changed. I didn't catch the train for 3/4 months. Then started again and seen her but this time she started talking like she would apologise for both of us standing up at the same time if I got up to get off the train or walking passed me with a smile and then didn't see her for 2 months as I have work commitments. Seen her today and she was looking at me from a distance on the train I stood up and she passed me to walk to the other end of the train to get off and as I looked up at her she smiled again and said hey and walked off. Now I've noticed her with people she knows I. e she's very nice to them. Just curios as she's the only girl who does this to me and she doesn't do it to other random people


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  • She is probably attracted to you.

    • Thank you for your response I was thinking she might be interested but as I noticed she is extremely nice to people she knows I was thinking maybe as she's noticed I catch the same train on a regular basis she might just want to be nice. Just strange that before hand she didn't do anything apart from look then a soon as I stopped getting the train for months she started opening up seems like she curios about me and feels like she has to be persistent as she's not guaranteed to see me again. but that's what it feels like As there is a lot of other random dudes on the train and she never says hi to them

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