Should I pursue this?

Alright, I'm in high school. I asked a friend to prom and we had a great time. The thing is, there were a few moments where we slow dance and we made eye contact for a long time and I felt a slight pressure on the back of my neck like she was slightly pulling me closer and wanted me to kiss her. She's not a very forward person. I broke eye contact every time and tried to come up with new topics. She also talked about us going next year. The trouble is, I don't think we'd do well. We run out of conversations rather quickly. The real issue comes with one of her friends. He's her neighbor. I recently found out he wanted to ask this girl as more than a friend, but a mutual friend advised against it so as not to risk their friendship. Back to the girl, I thought her feelings for me, if they existed, would subside after a few days, but now she's asking if we could meet this weekend and maybe catch a movie. She's never done this and we've never hung out without a group of friends. Originally, I planned on just friend zoning. I'm worried a relationship would be doomed to fail, but that's not really giving it a fair shot. I think I might really like her if we get to know each other better. I don't want to hurt her by pushing her away. I've been on the receiving end of that and it sucks. On the other hand, I don't want to risk hurting her if we try this and this go south. I also would feel bad for the other guy who almost asked her. What should I tell her about hanging out this weekend, and where should we go from there?


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  • Honestly, tell her you'd like to hang out with her and if you enjoy yourself, go out again! Yes there's her neighbor but I mean... You did take her to prom, and she said yes... It seems like she likes you

    • I agree, but I question how long we'd really last. We have a tendency to fall into awkward silence because we don't really know what to talk about. When we do talk, though, I think she's fun and interesting and we have a mutual and genuine interest in what we have to say.

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    • Time may be an issue. We're working at 2 different summer camps this year. I can only come home on weekends for 24 hrs.

    • Hmmm... Well just make sure to talk to each other as much as you can then

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