Is he actually over me?

saying he wants to talk about our issues then doesn't
-when we do try to talk about why he broke it off he gets upset/frustrated over the reason (miscommunication)
-constantly stares at me
-tries to be around me often
-my friends say he has highs and lows (they're his friends too) when he often seems upset with what happened
-apparently often stares longingly
-gets jealous when I'm around my guy friends
-yet, sayshe doesn't have feelings for me anymore
-was standing in the hallway, minimal space on one side and a lot on the other, my ex changed directions so he had to go in the small space and brush his entire body against mine, so that's confusing
-his brother's girlfriend (they've dated a long time she knows my ex well) texted me last night to talk about him
-it's been three months and he dumped me
-he's the type of guy that is very awkward with feelings and can be a big ass in attempts to push people away
If he didn't like me, why would any of this be happening?

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