Why do girls date losers and try to fix them, and then a guy comes along that is everything she wants...?

...and she doesn't take it? she just passes him off as a great guy/nice guy and doesn't really care all that much... why not just take what you ask for tho? What's keeping her from choosing the new guy?

I don't get how girls think... at all. I don't pass up a girl that's everything *I* want! ...and I want her NOW... not waiting around till LATER! I don't like being strung along...

Girls and their emotionally destructive games... Why do they play them? Why can't girls just be upfront? :/


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  • First of all, a little humility will go along way. Perhaps that is the reason all these girls turn down such a "great/nice" guy.

    Second, I don't understand how you think. You seem to be implying that a girl should just dump her current boyfriend as soon as she perceives "something better" come along? If that were the case no one would have a lasting relationship.

    Third, although you may be the "complete package" you probably lack what most "nice guys" do: confidence. Work on that and you should have no trouble landing girls.

    • Yeah... but why waste time trying to change someone? a person can't change someone themselves btw, so why waste your efforts? It's not real love either if you're not happy with all of who someone is. and if you like someone for real, confidence is a very hard thing to have... a lack of confidence is NORMAL around someone you REALLY like... you can't help it.

      Its not that I don't try to be confident, but even my "smooth/bad-boy" friend gets nervous around girls he likes for more than hook-ups

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