I need to work this out?

so i had a dream that i asked my best friend out and she said yes. i woke up really happy this morning but now I'm sad it wasn't real.. what does this mean?
i knew i had feelings for her but i didn't know they were this strong..
what should i do?
p. s: she is a very flirty person and so I've sat close to her and sort of cuddled her before, but everyone does that so it doesn't really mean anything, i don't think.

  • keep it quiet, she doesn't like you
  • talk to her about it
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please leave advice in opinions!! i really need some help (btw I'm 14 almost 15)


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  • In my personal opinion, if I were you I would talk to her about it. However, I'm not telling you to rush it. If you want to tell her right now, tomorrow, or in a year ( although this is not recommended), is entirely up to you. There's never a right time to tell her about your feelings, there's only a better time and it's up to you to figure out when that is. I say that not to bring you down and I hope I'm not. I know that it's nerve wrecking, believe it or not I was in your situation once. When I was in high school I also had really strong feelings for my best friend. She also became the first love of my life. I didn't want to ask myself, "what could have been?" for my whole life so I told her how I felt and turns out she liked me too. Because of that I didn't have any regrets and my best friend became my girlfriend. So now I'm asking you, do you want to go on asking yourself, "What could have been?" or would you take the chance so you wouldn't have any regrets. It's up to you, I hope this was helpful and good luck.


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  • Just honestly tell her, in private, about your dream and ask her what she thinks. Then ask her out to the movies or something.

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