How do you think this date went and what does it mean when a guy says "let's chill"?

So me and this guy met on a dating app and we met for the first time in person today, he asked to chill and I said yeah so we went to the park and hung out and talked a lot and got to know each other more and he even wanted to take some selfies and stuff together later on. He also asked me if I wanted food I said no thanks and then he asked if I consider this "chilling or a date" and I said I'll answer after you answer and he said he considers this a date and I said same here and then after we cuddled on the park bench for a while and after that we kissed and stuff. (Nothing more than kissing and cuddling) we also made plans to see each other again and so after he walked me to the subway and he asked if we could hold hands and I said yes so we held hands and walked, we ran into his friend and his friend joined us (walking to the subway) and he was still holding my hand. We got to the subway and he hugged and kissed me and said goodnight Messafe me later" and when I got home he messages me a few hours later saying "I had fun chilling with you :)" and I said same here. But what does chilling mean? Does that mean he thinks we're just gonna be friends and hangout"?

He also complimented me a lot and while we were kissing he said "I like you a lot" but what confused me was when he said "nice chilling with you" so I don't know if he means it or not


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  • That sounds like a really successful date to me. It sounds to me like he really likes you. I don't think he wants to be just friends with you. It sounds like he does want to date you.

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