How do ask a girl I'm dating if she's seeing other dudes without coming off as desperate or possesive?

Recently started dating this chick and we agreed we weren't gonna date other people but she puts up stupid snapchat stories that always leave me wondering whether or not she's keeping her end of the deal. Mind you she brought up the question of whether we should date other people or not. She makes it difficult for me to trust her :(


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  • You already discussed being exclusive and you both agreed to it so you are going to have to work on trusting her. That being said, you can still express being uncomfortable with whatever it is about her snapchat that is bothering. "I know we said we were exclusive but you doing XYZ gives the impression that you aren't really taking our exclusivity seriously." Or something like that.

    • I guess if she acts annoyed about that then it's a bad sign...

  • Well you have to ask her because you don't like that kinda of stuff.

  • If you don't trust her, leave her.
    No one is forcing you to date her.
    But you could just simply ask about those Snapchat stories in a way like "I saw your last Snapchat story and *continue with your problem*".

    • Is there a way I can test her?

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    • She could find that feature cute.
      I don't use Snapchat much (only to annoy my best friend with my singing abilities 😂) but I still consider that feature cute. 😄

    • I appreciate your help 😌

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