Things to do to make her feel special?

Taking a girl I really like out soon and I told her before that if we ever went out I would make her feel special so I want to keep my promise and make her feel really special so got any advise on things I could do to make her feel special? We r going shopping, for food and then to the cinema or something if that makes any difference

Any advise please?


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  • Tease her and give her subtle compliments.


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  • So, it very much depends on the girl. Most girls like a gentleman, someone to get doors for them, buy them flowers etc. Though some girls, recognise this as a shallow attempt to curry favour and will have the opposite reaction from feeling special.

    So, the best way to make her feel special is by a comfy mix of expressing yourself and enquiring about her preferences without putting her on the spot to feel like she's having to choose everything.

    Some chocolates always work well. Never known a girl to be unhappy about some chocolates in a pretty box.

    Lastly, do something with her that you would only do because of her. That is, consider or ask what she likes and pick something that she will enjoy that you might not normally do. That will make it truly special. If things go well, you won't need to say anything about it. It will just be special. If things go a bit more awkward, you can say "Sorry tonight wasn't so perfect. I wanted to pick something special you would really enjoy and I hadn't tried x before". So, she will know your doing it for her.

    Good luck

    • Thanks for the advise, I picked what I have picked because she loves shopping and she always says how she would rather do something when she goes out cause to boring otherwise. I know what food she likes so I'm trying to find a restaurant that does it and I was gonna buy her some of her favourite chocolate too. Didn't want to do flowers or anything cause it's a first date and all

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