Are these true about dating?

1: You have to have some type of attraction

2: That have to romantic feelings for you too

3: you have to put effort in a relationship

4: You can't be controling or a doormat

5: You can't date anyone your not attracted too

6: You gotta have sexually attraction or otherwise the girl will feel hurt you won't touch her.

I got more but those are the main ones. Tell me if I'm right. :D

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What Girls Said 1

  • This should be obvious, duh.

    • Well for me it helps not get girls I'm not able to get. By not talking to them

    • You still can give a try.
      Not every girl is attracted to the same type of guy as not every guy is attracted to the same type of girl.

    • Well it depends. Physical attraction, romantic attraction, and sexual attraction all play a role. If I don't fit those, I'm just a girls platonic friend (nothing bad about that)

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