Inexperienced need advice?

Met a guy today 5 hour date !! He was lovely not sure if he likes me , he gave me a peck on the cheek before he left then asked me to message when I'm home , I messaged when I got home and told him I really enjoyed our date and he was lovely , he texted back saying he thought I flinched when he gave me a peck on the cheek he thought I didn't like him , I'm not sure what to do next it's my first date with a guy In a long time , we chatted for hours and we went to eat and listened to music in my car etc I'm not sure if he likes me :( help


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  • Okay well first off,
    Yes he likes you.
    Make time for another date?

    • Do I wait for him to ask? Or do I say I would like to see him again?

    • I just messaged him saying I would love to se him again but I'm not sure if you would want that and if not I can take rejection lol... I just thought sod it !! I'm going to be straight forward and go for it... Hope I've done the right thing :/

    • Nah your good ^.^ certainly sounds like things are going in a positive direction.

      Wish you the best and we're always around if you need more help!

  • sounds nice, and I agree, make another date

    • He said he would like to see me again... I just hope he isn't saying that just to be nice

    • well Im sure you are a very beautiful and nice woman to go out with and he enjoyed your company

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  • He probably likes you a lot, however he assumed that you were not interested. Next time, you should make it more obvious that you like him.