How do you know that someone is a player in terms of dating?

I clicked with this guy I met at the gym and work out two times before we went to lunch. Before that date he used to be so interested and call or text at least once. After the date he didn't cal back so I called him and he never replied. I thought ok he is not interested and leave it that way until I get a text. He asked me why I never contacted him and end up telling me that he didn't receive the call. We talked for 20 minand he said he was busy and would call me back. Now it has been three days and I keep wondering why he didn't even call it bother to text me if he is not interested. Is it part of the game?


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  • No, that isn't a player and that isn't stuff a player would do.

    It doesn't sound like he is very interested... It is possible he has someone else and when he isn't busy with them, he shows interest in you. I honestly don't know what is going on

    • May be 😀. Good point. If crossed my mind though

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  • Typically, players are not consistent and transparent with their actions. If someone is a player, there will always be some sort of unclear, shady situation that you can't seem to get a direct answer to. Something will always not quite add up. Players also tend to be puppets to their egos.

    Here's a general rule of thumb to follow so that you don't end up wasting your life playing some silly game. If a guy truly wants you and is interested in you, then he will take the initiate to reach out. You will constantly see an effort to connect. He'll make an effort to actually meet up and do things with another. Otherwise he probably is a player or just doesn't know what the heck he wants.

    • Makes sense because he was aggressively reaching for me before the date. I wonder why he called after the date though if he is not interested. I mean as you said he might not know what he wants

    • Perhaps just to stroke his ego based on your reaction

  • He's not interested...

    • Why bother to text and call then

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    • Has he called back since he said he was busy at the moment? Usually when people say they've been busy to someone it's usually rejection.
      Also do you REALLY think we'd let something go if we really wanted it...

    • No he hasn't called back after we had a conversation that lasted about 20 minutes He called me at his break and was returning back to his work. That was the reason he said he was busy then and will call me back later. I didn't hear from him after that phone call