After 5th date he hasn't texted in 5 days?

I met this guy online, we talked for two weeks before he asked me out the first time. Three days later after the first date he went on a trip to Canada for a week (we emailed while he was there) and the week after that he invited me to a second date. On the third date he hold my hand but no kiss. Fourth date, which he asked me to initiate, he came to my house to watch a movie and we kissed passionately twice, we were together that day for like 9 hours.

On the fifth date I went to his house three days later after work and kissed again multiple times on his couch (third base a lot of touching from his part not mine), in between he asked if I wanted to continue the make out session in his room, which I said no.
We continued watching tv for two more hours and then by 10pm he "reminded me" the time and asked me politely if I needed to go home, I said that I probably should go and started to sit down and fix my shirt and hair, he then kissed very passionately again, hugging and cuddling for a while, we made out one last time before I said bye.
He went with me to my car and asked me to text him when I got home, which I did and he answered back, but he didn't set another date or said "see you soon" like the other times we went out. After that I haven't heard from him for five days.

We only text to set up dates, we don't chat in between. He has initiated the conversation the first three dates and I have initiated after the last two dates. Should I text him or wait for him to do it?
Was I right to turned him down for sex or did I implied that we were gonna have sex by going to his house that last date?

In his online profile he wrote that he's not looking for anything serious and basically just looking for casual sex but why take me out for five date and kiss me on the fourth if he just wants casual sex with me. And I clearly wrote on my profile that I'm looking for a relationship and that I would sleep with the guy after 6 dates or more. I'm 32 he's 31.


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  • He was already clear about it. I think he stopped msging cos he wasn't getting sex from you afterall

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