His sadness is reflecting on our relationship?

He is constantly sad these days and it's changed our relationship.

We used to text constantly, funny, flirty, tonnes of emoticons - now never, if ever its boring.
We do the same things over & over hanging out and he doesn't want to do anything new.

His grandfather died a few weeks ago which hit him hard and he has been having some doubts about where his life is headed (mostly career wise).

I still love him and i want to fix this. I believe he loves me also.
We have some happy and fun moments together before he gets sad again.
It's just getting really hard.


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  • He is likely suffering from depression and when ones suffers from it, it is increasingly difficult to be considerate towards loved ones as they start to lose hope in themselves and become unmotivated. You need to talk to your boyfriend and tell him that you want to help him and listen to him and be there. But do understand that depression isn't something he can snap out of it. It is sometimes a process and it will require your patience and care. It could take weeks even months. But make sure you are there and keep communication up. If he can see that you stick around even in his darkest of days, it will and can only strengthen your relationship. In a relationship you are there during the good and the bad however we often forget the latter too. Just be there for him.

  • Relationships have ups and downs and yes, it's often the reflection of what one of the partner is going though. In those times, you have to suck it up, try to help, support your partner or at least show that you are here for the person.
    This is just a "down". He just lost a family member, give him time to heal and stay there for him.

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