If she wanted me to leave her alone why sit with me?

This semester I had a class with a woman, and she was pretty attractive so I sat with her and talked to her. However, she acted like I was bothering her so the next class I sat somewhere else, and she sat with me. She would ask me how my day was, and was nice. She would also walk up from behind me when I left class, and would ask me how I did on the tests or assignments. One day I saw her point me out to her friends, who then started to giggle. I ignored it and left to do whatever it was I was doing. People kept asking me how I knew her, and I said I didn't we only had this class together. They then told me how she was also around me, and I just ignored it. Last week I asked if I could get a coffee with her, and she said yeah. Last night she said she didn't want anything to do with me. Why talk to me then? I gave her space, and took the hint she wanted to be left alone.


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  • I don't think you should bother with her. She sounds like an immature person.

    • why would she do that though?

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  • Don't be forceful, people are subject to change