Where do you find men 50+ years old ready for dating/long term relationships?

After being off the dating scene for a long time (now divorced, I've been putting my efforts into being a great single mom for my son. He'll be in college soon, and I'm looking forward to dating again. It's 2016, and I know it's different than days of long ago, but I'd like some suggestions on getting back on track. I've tried a few dating websites, but honestly, they don't work for me. I really can't say why. I've expressed that I want long term dating/relationships that can lead to marriage, but most, after a few chats, are ready to jump in the bed--ewww. I'm not wanting old players. I have a bubbly personality, and love doing all types of things, whether it's traveling, or sitting by the fireplace relaxing. I'm asking you GAG's cause I know I'll get honest answers. What do think? I'm opening for any answers (or questions).

I've received a lot of responses for online dating... are there anymore suggestions for online dating besides what's already posted?


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  • Interesting you didn't state 40+ but 50+... you only want older guys.

    * You could join a match maker service if there is one nearby. Costs $$$$ though.
    * Online dating is hard, harder than meeting people in person. you'll get a lot of interest, but have to filter out. What you get may be a function of your profile... not just what you wrote but your photos. Make sure the marketing is good, photos professional, attracting the right guys. Changing photos and text makes a difference.
    * speed dating
    * out and about... make sure you are approachable or that you engage when you see someone interesting.
    * church singles functions, events
    * dances - you'll find 50s+ at these events. some churches put these on and make it a dance class
    * search the national registry of certified trained and available single men. Just kidding, wouldn't that be nice:)
    * bars- I've had fun at bars and I'm your age, but mostly I think you'll have to filter out males that have higher expectations.
    * Just do things you love that are sociable (bicycle clubs and rides).

    Men have the same issue. Maybe there should be a national registry of single people:)

    • LOL, I confess that I don't know what I was doing when I put my age in, but I've tried to edit and can't find a place to edit (?) My age is actually 51, so that's why I said 50+. But give or take a few is fine as well for my choices. Thanks for the info.

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  • your local old folks home. ;)

    • I believe you're getting mixed up with 65 and older, aren't you? George Clooney, Lenny Kravitz, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt are 50 and over, and by no means living in what you call the "old folks home". I'll let you slide on this, cause you're only 32, but keep living... you'll be at 50 before you know it.

    • it was a joke. that's why inwinked at you.

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  • I think the same answers as would apply to younger women: church, clubs, hobbies, etc. As an example, I volunteer at a museum with a lot of others. Most of them are able to volunteer many hours because they are not working, meaning, in most cases, retired. And many of those have lost their wives and would be open to a new romance.

    But remember that even older men enjoy sex, so do not dismiss a guy just because he is interested in ses. I know you want more and tht is good. And lots of guys are with you on that. Just be careful that you do not put up a wall that says "No sex" unless that is what you expect. But then you will not find many guys that want companionship but no sex forever.

    I wish you luck. You are still young enough to have a lot of life left and you should be able to enjoy it with a guy.

    • Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm young at heart, and although I like fireplaces, I'm not ready for the rocking chair at all! There is still a lot of my life I'd like to live, and I would like to share my time with someone. No, I won't put up the wall.. lol. That's why I like this site better than dating sites. There's always a fine line where you have to state that you still want to have sex without getting the perverts stirred up, thinking you sleep with everyone.

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    • You're a sweetheart... thanks for the kind words. I'm somewhat new to this site, so please feel free to write sometimes.

    • lol. I already did!

  • You are going to have to cast a wide net, depending on how particular you are. I was going to say you find them online. Worked for me. I met my wife on match. com an before that I was in a five-year relationship with another woman I met online. But don't expect immediate success. In between there was a year of many first dates and no second dates.

    Yeah, there are a lot of creepy guys online. There are a lot of creepy guys period. Most of the good guys are still married to their first wife. You want the guys who made a mistake and learned from it. Maybe a nice guy who married a not-so-nice woman.

    If you connect with a guy online, don't waste time chatting, just go meet him. It saves time. You can spend a month chatting and find there is zero chemistry.

    Avoid negativity, as in "ready to jump in the bed - ewww". Most guys don't expect sex within a week of meeting, but they will be confused if there's no sex after a few weeks. If you just aren't interested in sex in general, then don't date men.

    Otherwise, find activity groups doing things you enjoy, whether it's dancing, running, volunteering, whatever. Most of the more intellectual meetups tend to be full of awkward middle-aged guys, so don't expect much success there.

    • Thanks for the reply. It appears there's gonna take a lot of patience with this process of online dating. Well, he'll be worth the wait, right? It's just that when I think of the ones that say they want to correspond, they don't have anything to say, which leaves me very confused. One example, the last sent me several virtual gifts. I thought, well, he's really interested, so I accepted his chat request. He didn't want to travel, go to car race, beach, mountains, parks. He didn't want to go to dinner. Ever answer was "Nope, just like to watch tv". I felt like I was pulling teeth. Was he shy, or was I missing something?

    • Well there are a lot of depressed guys online. Don't give up. Look for guys with a profile you enjoyed reading, a profile that says something specific about who they are. Good luck.

  • Give me a year and some months I will be one. :D

  • Please don't take this as an attack, but I know several guys 50+, and the only thing we all agree on is that we're never getting married again. Not ever. Most of them date, but that's it.

    You would have to be some kind of wonderful to get married to anyone i know. Nothing personal, and maybe you are that wonderful, but of i were you id be more concerned about meteorites.

    • Thanks for the honest reply. And who knows? I may possibly feel the same way once I've tried it out again.

  • We'll probably anywhere you just got to hope he's the right one but lots of older men go younger


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