Do you think if he didn't propose after two years, it's not gonna work out?

My friend at work gave me that advice recently. That if a guy doesn't propose after 2 years, it's time to move on, because he never will.

Now I should say that she is Asian and they see dating a little different over there, more like business deal, but she made good points. She said two is more than enough to know if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone or not. And I shouldn't waste half of my 20s with someone who will never marry me, because it gets harder to find a good guy in your 30s.

So ya do you agree? I feel a lot of guys my age freak out about the idea of marriage and I'm not sure it's a realistic rule. But I do want to get married and have kids and she's making good points


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  • lots of relationships go beyond 2 years as other couples never get married just cause of some reason or another. As long as they have a formal will and they have the authority over their possessions and wealth there really isn't a necessary need to get married. IF they already have in writing that they want their status and wealth to get carried over to the significant other.

  • I don't like the concept of marriage but even if I did two years is too fast. I really can't imagine how anyone could think that was good advice.

    • what do you think changes after two years in the relationship?

    • It takes more than two years to really get to know someone. Getting married really quickly is an especially bad idea when you're young. Young people are still in the process of changing and developing, and they also frequently lack good judgement.

      Besides, why is everyone in such a rush. Take the time to enjoy things where they are instead of continually chasing a new high, because it won't always be there. Young love, romance and adventure is all fun but if you're just chasing the thrills then you're gonna be disappointed in the future.

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  • I'm Asian and I think that's totally false lol. I'm all for waiting until you're ready to get married, ready not just emotionally, but also more importantly, financially. Sure you can propose and not get married for a long time, but most guys don't think that way in my experience. Also for certain people two years might not be enough time, what if you haven't lived together yet? What if for a large part of two years it was long distance? What if there's a huge life change coming up for one of you like grad school or a move? I think you can have a discussion with your SO to know where their head is at, and make a decision based on that, but there are so many other factors that need to be considered before proposing, that I wouldn't make this a hard and fast rule.

    • Ok what country did you grow up in?
      I'm sure it varies in different Asian countries as well

      And of course there are always exceptions to rule, but in general do you think it's a good rule of thumb, for someone who wants to married?

    • I was born in the US lol.

      I really don't think it is, because there are so many other life factors you have to consider.

    • Ok well then you're Asian Asian, you're American. This is obviously a culture thing not a racial thing

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