She is not interested but acts like she is?

Hi, I'm a little bit in a confused situation right now, I'm a guy and she's a girl. I really appreciate anyone who can give me advice despite this long post but i just wanted to give details

I recently got to know her in uni through one of our projects. We went out with a group of friends out to the night club and after that night we started texting each other and doing some impromptu hangouts on the way, and i started growing interest into her.

So, just last week, we went out to the night club with the same group of friends, but both of us ended up having sex after that and the following morning.

I then felt that something could actually work and decided to plan our next outing rather than suggesting an impromptu hangout, and we agreed to meet on Saturday. Saturday arrived, and we were talking about this day for the entire week, however, just half an hour before we meet, she texted me saying that one of her friends thought they should catch up, and as a result i got left in the dark. I was a wee bit upset but i decided to play it cool and told her it's alright, and she apologised and promised she would make it up to me. I then suggested we do something the following week but she said let's play it by ear.

What I'm confused is that these blatantly show that she's not interested, but at the same time she's showing signs of interest such as continuing the conversation while texting, and she hasn't said things like 'bro'. The fact we also had sex the following morning when she's definitely sober (although she wasn't even that drunk the night before) leads me to think if she's actually worth the effort?

Forgot to include that her friend is a girl herself


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  • Those signals could mean a lot of things. But one thing I'm pretty sure about is, she is interested, but not too interred, not interested enough that she could cancel her catchup with friends. Well, have you ever told her about your feelings to her? If you didn't, you couldn't expect her to know what to do with this. Stop playing cool, it's a nothing to lose situation. Tell her what do you think about her, probably she thinks the same too. Good luck :)

    • Thank you, will try that the next time I do meet her :)

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  • Ask her who this friend is. She may like you or she may think you sucked in bed. Girls are very confusing my friend it could be another guy she likes and she knows u may like her and doesn't want tell you because your feelings will get hurt.

    • It's a girl, didn't point that out

    • Is she bisexual? She may have lied about it being a girl as well or has she shown you proof?

    • I doubt it, her friend is in the same group of friends that I know

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  • She probably just wanted sex.
    Women usually go about getting what they want in a different manner.
    A woman likes to feel connected to a man, and then she'll give herself to him. This is why did the whole conversation.
    Just remember one thing, action speaks louder than words.
    She's loving the attention you're giving her which is why she is continuing talking to you.
    However, it's clear this won't go any further.
    I suggest you pull back, and act as if you have no interest.
    If she really wants you, she'll make an effort and leap for you.

    • See I've always wanted to pullback, but she always continues the conversation... Do you reckon I should just go cold?

  • Just because you happened to have sex, it doesn't necessarily mean she is actually interested in dating you.


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  • just reschedule. kind of a dick move to cancel on you because a friend said they should catch up.