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There is a guy that I have liked for a while now, and he has been flirting with me a lot, going out of his was to help me with things around my business, and even asked me out on a date. I was so elated that this guy had interest in me and then I come to find out that he is having sex with two girls on a pretty regular basis, but telling me as soon as he has some free time he would like to take me on a date. I know we are not together and he can do what he wants, but I feel as if I have been lied to and betrayed. I feel really hurt and do not know where to go from here :(


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  • I would keep your options open yourself until he makes you and him official Ino that you feel down he really isn't in the wrong BUT asses him learn him. Ask yourself why he feels the need to sleep with two girls? Has he got an issue maybe he has been hurt in the past and every other girl is just not comparing to his " first love " Ino I'm like that I get really excited and think then become kind of depressed. Even tho I would probs be 10 X happier lol but the more you learn about him the more you can asses because don't don't forget that you should be testing whether you could want him as a partner. After all partners are best friends aswell as lovers.

    • If I may ask, and I know that you are 2 completely different people so what you say may be different from what he would do, but if you were in that position and were sleeping around but came across someone you really genuinely care about and started something with them, would you end things completely with the other girls?

    • Yes , flings are flings he may be just living his life as a single young man for now I personally would get with a girl now as I'm no longer in the mood due to my ex for another long term relationship so I can see why he would probs be sleeping with different girls he may be confused about what he wants. It's upto you do you want to be his fling or be someone special I wouldn't give in to him easy

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  • Hey... choose another guy... I understand you feel that there's a connection... and for girls... connecting is so important if not extremely. This guys is doing two girls... and you want to be the 3rd girl? You deserve far better love than this, if it even love. Guys wait for you... go get em. pick the best.



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