Do women think its bad when a man is?

So I was hanging out with my friends and my friend (girl) made fun of me for being a virgin... Of course, not by choice. My other friend, who is a girl too, started laughing and said to he "don't be so mean".

So, are women really turned off by a man who is 22 and a virgin still.

I feel depressed about it because I feel like every girl will only date a guy who is good in bed. People break up for bad sex. And being a virgin, it will most likely be bad sex for a while...

Is that fair to put a woman through having bad sex?

I think the only way I can get around it is by finding a woman who is also a virgin. But they are 1 in a million.

I don't want to be alone forever, especially because I haven't had sex yet >.<


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  • Let me guess. They lost their virginity at a much younger age. In my opinion there's nothing wrong with a guy who's 22 and still a virgin. It might be a little strange if you were over 40 for example and were still a virgin but you're young. Sex isn't bad because you're a virgin :) x Trust me when I say that sex is bad when you don't care if the other person is enjoying themselves. You could either find a woman who is still a virgin or you could simply find a woman who has experience and is willing to accept you as you are, rather than be immature about your lack of experience.
    There are many great girls out there who won't care that you're still a virgin. Some even prefer it. I don't understand why there's such a stigma attached to not having any experience. In my opinion it's far worse to have slept with over 30 people than to have slept with none.

    • That's what I think too! But that's not how society thinks. Woman want a man who can conquer. Who are confident... That's not saying I'm not confident, just not in that area I'm not.

      Plenty of women... I'm not interested in losing it to just anyone.

      I think virgin women want to be with virgin men. And once they aren't virgins they don't want to be with a man who is a virgin. I think most women just don't want to have to "show them the ropes".

      The man should already know how to do this and the only way to learn is by doing it. But not many women want to be the woman the man practices on to get better.

      I think I missed my window of opportunity at around 15-18 years old

    • Don't worry :) Honestly there will be a girl who's willing to show you the ropes so to speak. Just hold out for someone you like if you don't want it to be just anyone. Though I think you can do better than the girls who make fun of you for it.

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  • Not all women are turned off by a virgin man, but they are certainly turned off when he 'advertises' his virginity. Why even admit to being a virgin? There is no way to determine virginity anyway.

    • I only tell them when they ask or it comes up in conversation. I don't just say it.

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    • That's a good idea!!
      Unfortunately, my friend is a girl I like. And my other friend yelled it out.. So now I don't think I have a chance with her

    • If this girl doesn't want to date you ONLY due to your virginity, she isn't the type of girl you would want to be with anyway. You should be with the one who likes you for who YOU are, not not your sexual past.

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  • I see nothing wrong with being a virgin at the age of 22. I'm 23 and I'm still a virgin.
    Yes, it might be hard to find a girl who's a virgin, but it's not impossible.
    Maybe you just need to find a someone who loves you and accepts you. A woman that doesn't care about the fact that you're a virgin.
    And I'm sure you'll find her :)

    • I suppose... I just feel bad for the one giving the bad sex.

      I don't want to sound like a cuck. But I see all the time women say they are faking it and such, that they aren't sexually happy... Then people say they deserve to be sexually happy and advise them to break up to find someone more compatible...

      It seems like the only one compatible with a virgin is another virgin. They are a diamond in the rough though

    • I understand.
      Maybe it's just a matter of time until you find this girl.
      Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship. And you will have time to learn how to please a woman sexually.

  • Find someone you love.
    Its not bad that you're still a virgin

    • But I will be bad at sex... No woman wants to have bad sex. People refuse to date other people for this reason.

      I feel like I am going to be alone if this doesn't change soon

    • NO WAY!
      All the fun and better to teach someone how to rock your world. I love it actually. Practice makes perfect 😉 have fun practicing heheh

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