Crush on Guy at work... hopeless? Or potential?

I started a new job, and have split from my last boyfriend a few weeks ago (he was a cheat).

There is a young guy at work, around my age who I definitely fancy. I get some vibes he may like me; he gives me direct eye contact, leans in when talking, smiles a lot. However work is often busy and we don't get an opportunity to carry on a lot of our conversations. We also don't share any breaks so it makes our chats limited. He is a very nice and polite person by nature- we work with lots of customers and he is always nice and cheerful with them.

I've noticed with other co-workers he only chats about work related things, but me and him always end up talking about random stuff. (Tv shows, interests, nights out) He has also given me some random compliments on my work a few times.

My question is- What signals/behaviour should I look out for that show he's interested? Bit unsure as I never had a work crush before. Any advice is really appreciated as don't want to look like an idiot!!


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  • Hopless!

  • Ask him to hang out with you after work. Then you could be able to tell more things by judging his behavior towards you.

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