Does it sound like this girl is still dating?

About a year a go, a girl I've been crushing on went into a relationship on Facebook. I'd like to ask her out now, but I don't want to if she is still in a relationship.

For the first few months, they regularly posted pics with each other, etc. Over the last 3/4 months, I have seen no pics with the two of them together (and she posts a ton of pics). Both of their relationships statuses show "nothing to show", and I have not seen them together at all (I was at a party with them both last month, and did not see them together).

The one sticky point is that they still like and occasionally comment on each other's posts on Facebook, and I have seen his mom like/comment on her posts a few times recently.

Does it sound like she is still in a relationship? She has been flirting with me a bit lately (touching for no reason, laughing/smiling at everything, etc.), but I don't want to ask her out if she is still with the other guy.


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  • Possible!

  • Maybe she is still in a relationship, but she is going through a rough time. Or they are on a break. Or they decided that they do not want to reveal their relationship on facebook. It's hard to say.


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