The miserable feelings of unrequited love... why?

So me and this girl have been hanging out quite a lot for the past 3 months (about everyday) and and I mean at first I just wanted to be friends but after I got to know her I just started to realize how amazing she is. Then she went to Spain for a week and I had never missed someone so much in my life. Then she came back we got Sushi and I was like I think I like you and she's like we are going to college in 4 months let's just be friends so I was like OK. 1 month later I'm (today) I'm clearly in love with her and realizing we can't be together in a relationship is causing me massive amounts of like sadness and just an empty feeling then it will go away then we will have dinner or something and then that empty feeling comes back I think it's because I love her (I'm not just enthatuated) like I love her for who she is and what she has accomplished and now I just don't know what to do this unrequited feeling exists and I'm just sad all the time. I went out with other girls but the whole time I'm like I wish I was with the one I love... what the hell going on why do I feel like this? Why can't I cheer up?



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  • Life just sucks!

  • If she was interested in you, she would decide to give things a chance. However, she is not.

    As for you, you need some time to heal. You got rejected and it's normal to be feeling sad for a while. You will eventually get over her though, I promise you that.


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  • You just have to accept that you can't be with her and move on. It happened to me very recently so I know it's hard and it sucks