Did she lose interest in me?

New to the dating world (only gone to 3 dates) and met this girl on tinder, very beautiful. We been texting for about 3 weeks and she's always initiate our chats.
We were both down to meet up in person on last last Sat, but she got a hangover the day before and was willing to reschedule. I said lets do that coming Mon instead. This is where I messed up: so we established that we meet up on Mon (May2), I didn't text all that day because I was busy rushing out from work plus no breaks. Plus, I was nervous. I got there and she texted me "I assume you're still at work" and I replied "No no Im here". She replied, "You didn't hit me up".
So I apologized through phone and we chatted for an hour. One of my favourite phone call ever. I wanted to reschedule once she knows her work schedule by Fri (May6). Meanswhile, we been texting and chating on snapchat, nothing too flirty, just getting to know each other. She seem into it too. She also down to do facetime but at the time, I didn't know what FT meant so yea lol nvm watever.
Its been the past 2 days now and she hasn't told me her availability and as well as, the texting between us has been dry. She would reply late; Ill text her like mid day and she texts at night. Tonight (May8), I texted her "Im still in meeting up with you. Are you still down for this week?" After like 10 mins I sent her that, I see her liking stuff on ig.
I genuinely want to meet her and she was really wanting to meet me too before the weekend and even after that phone call. I dont know what happened, maybe she's going through some things or she is dunno. Hard to tell at this side of the screen. Im not the type of guy to talk to multiple girls so if Im texting/talking to you, you're the only girl Ill be talking.
Im just venting atm. Its just these time i put into were somewhat wasted but its a learning experience. I def missed that window on our Mon date.

What you guys think? Should I wait out till like Tue to wait on a reply?
This sucks

Or if I dont get any response by then, should I ask "Hey Im new at this dating world and I barely go out. I wanna see where I went wrong so in the future, Ill be more prepare" or something along the line.
Oops didn't meant to post this as an anon


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  • You should keep trying but if she turns you down this time then I would give up.


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  • Maybe she is pulling back to see if you like her because its usually her that initiate the conversation. Try to text her more and show that you're interested

  • She either found someone else, or she is no longer interested because you didn't hit her up on Monday.


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