My friend is going on 30 and is still single, he's taken all advice from approaching girls, joining activities etc, what's his problem?

He has approached girls, joining activities he likes, and has gotten the "you'll find someone one day" or the "you're a nice guy" and finally the "there's someone out there for everybody and one day you will find that special someone" from both his friends and family alike, he has focused on himself but still no women have been interested etc. He's successful Etc and has fulfilled everything and attained everything he's wanted in Terms of material possession, the only thing he wants is a significant other to share his life with, what's wrong? He's nice has good hygiene and is a likable person the sort of guy that you think gets girls like crazy but he doesn't, how can a 30 year old man who's been single all his life get someone?

  • Some people are destined to be alone cut the crap, not everybody gets a fairytale and some go through life without catching the interest of the opposite sex.
  • I'm sure he'll find someone one day, ... another 10 years later still the same
  • Want to results, feel sorry for this guy.
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