Girls, Will you date a guy who isn't sexually pleasing?

If a guy is really very hairy all over his body , as a female what do you feel about him?
And i feel no matter how much wac or shave he does he can't be as giid as a girl is in terms of minimal body hair or a naturally less hairy guy is.
He would Ned to wax and shave everywhere and still get stubbly ingrowns all over his body in between waxing and shaving sessions.

Can you dare to date and marry and then even have sex and reproduce with such a guy?


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  • Me personally? I don't know I'm not a big fan of hair but I have been proven wrong by finding chest hair sexy on some men.
    I know there are a lot of women who love it. Lots of people have different tastes.
    As a women I need to see the whole picture. If there isn't attraction there there just isn't but lack of body hair probably isn't going to change that.

    • Who has proven you wrong in lot of chest hair in guy and how?
      I am talking about Nev Schumann type of hairy chest and Robin Willas hairy arms and legs.

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    • I meant these women told you so? That they "like" this bear hairy man body? We're they your age women?

    • i'm 23. two were around 25 and the rest if i remember we're in their early 30's.

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  • No.. No I wouldn't.

    • I liked the brutal honesty.