What should I do when I saw a girl from a dating site that didn t give me a chance but I saw in person and doesn t know who I am?

She was from Okcupid and she wouldn t give me a chance because of my mental disabilities but never met. So I saw her because she works at the store that me and my parents shop at. She looked at me for a minute but didn t knew who I was. Its stressing me out if I should introduce myself and see if she s willing to give me another chance


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  • Don't do anything

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    • They said that is stupid and act like a adult about this but I have breathing problems about this. She actually knows my 2nd cousin because he told me. I might keep regreting it by not introduce myself because she is still single according to my cousin.

    • She's already rejected you though

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  • Lmao someone never got lakd


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  • No dont push it

  • I wouldn't tell people on a dating site u have mental disabilities.

    • Why? Im trying to be truthful

    • It's best to get to know people before you tell them personal things like that. She probably felt uncomfortable and like things were getting too heavy too fast when you told her.

    • she was eventually going to find out because its retardation :(

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