How long could you keep on going?

Hello guys (and girls)!

Long story shot, I have some mental problems that I am seeing someone to talk about. I have a boyfriend who is very understanding when it comes to my bad days. He wants to talk to me about my feelings and that is great.

I was sleeping at his place last night and when we where about to go to bed I started to feel very bad. I might have let some of it out on him before, but I am trying my best not to...

We have been together for almost 1,5 year.

My question is... For how long would you be able to be with someone who can go from beeing okay to sit on the bedside, shaking and crying in few minutes?



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  • If I loved the person then I would accept that this is who they are and just be there for them whenever they needed me, be there for them to vent off and cherish the good times together. In time I would hope they learned how to deal with it better, not for my sake but for them to be happier within themselves.

    • Thanks, I agree with you! I am just so scared that someday he will not be able to take it anymore. He is like the only person I trust and feel like talk to and i can actually be myself with... So when im with him, it's like all the feelings i have just burst out... :(

    • In time you will learn ways of coping with it so try not to over think it at the moment, as this may lead to problems. He obviously loves you and has stayed with u for a long time. He has seen the worst of you but he knows the best of you is worth it so just enjoy it. If he is going to leave then you can't do anything about it so just relax and enjoy it, don't waste time thinking 'what if'

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  • Sorry But can't Understand Your Actula Question

    • If you were with someone who had a lot of problems and it sometimes was bad when you were with him or her... How long would you be able to stick with that person?

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