Why do all the guys I speak to act so desperate?

Basically I'm 17. I've never had a proper relationship, I've dated and hooked up with a few people (not sex) but I've never actually been with anyone properly.
This has usually been for a few reasons:

1. The guy just comes across as such a prudish boring nerd that I politely tell him I don't think we should take it any further.
2. Because the guy is fairly inexperienced with girls so desperately wants to get some, and ends up being creepy and forceful.
3. Wellโ€ฆ as I said, I've hooked up with people when I've been out for the night and obviously that goes no where.

I went to a party on Saturday and me and my friend were talking to this guy, it seemed like he was really cool around his friends and a laugh to be around. But when it came to speaking to us, he was acting like such a dork! (I'm not saying it in a mean way). It was funny, he'd say stuff like "I can't believe you two ladies don't have boyfriends" it was so awkward me and my friend were laughing.
it seemed like he was more interested in her, but when she went to the bathroom I asked him if he was going to get her number, because he obviously likes her. He then smirked at me and said "do I?"
Then he got my friend to type in both of our snapchat usernames on to his phone and the next day, he never texted her but he's been non-stop messaging me! Saying that we should meet up, asking for my number etc. when I don't reply he sends me more messages -_-

This sort of thing always seems to happen with guys that are interested? Why is it that they come across as so desperate? I've been nice to him and talking to him and he wants to come hang out with me and my friend at the weekend. I told him we're going to see if anything comes up during the week first but that he probably can.
He seems like such a chill guy around his friends, but like an awkward clinger around me? Why can't he just act chilled around me too!

Please read the whole thing


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  • Seems to me you have been meeting the young fellas around 16-19. During that age guys are really mature. I know because I was back then. Even tho I never messed around. (I'm still a virgin) but that didn't stop my immaturity. Just wait a couple of years when you get to college. Now I'm not saying you'll definitely find mature guys there as well. But Your Chances Are Higher Than High School. Not all guys have a one track mind.

    • Okay thanks. Any thoughts on my other issues though?

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    • Well they've all been around the age of 17-20 (and they've either been pervs or clingy and OTT saying "I really like you" when I barely know them), but I did meet this guy who was 23 and he wanted to hang out but he never got back to me about it so I kind of just let that be.
      by the way I'm in the UK so I'm already in college (not the same as the US one) and so I won't be meeting loads of new people by going to college like you said ๐Ÿ˜”

    • Oh UK. Well I can't say much since I'm in USA. But the guys there sound wack lol you could move to NYC. That's I live. Cool peeps here. And you seem the type of girl I'd date. Cool collective knows what she wants. You'll Fit In Nice Here. All guys will be into you. There are some bad ones here too. But good ones here as well

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  • I have no idea. It seems that many people don't know shit when it comes to flirting. So they either end up appearing completely indifferent or they end up appearing completely overbearing and desperate.


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  • Young guys are anxious to prove themselves both socially and sexually and they are usually awkward in the process. It is all part of the maturing process. Was there a time when you acted like a nervous titter around guys?

  • ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    You must be a beautiful girl ๐Ÿ˜
    What else can I say ๐Ÿ˜‚ lol

    • This guy proves my theory of guys between 16-19 lol

    • @TruExo
      Ok Mr Einstein
      But there is no exact answer for this question cause everyone's different ๐Ÿ’

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  • They teens!

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