Is it really a big deal to date someone you work with? If so, why?

So I understand it could be bad, but I've seen it happen with people I know and sometimes it was BAD and sometimes it was GOOD.

For example I think it's bad if someone is married or two people do not make their intentions clear. Like my bestfriend was sleeping with a colleague who turned out to be married. That was bad.

Or another friend was sleeping with his colleague and he thought they were just f-buddies and she wanted a relationship.. that turned out bad.

Then I know of a girl who got involved with her boss and they ended up moving in together and getting married.

So I'm so confused about this whole thing about not being able to date colleagues. I mean where else are you supposed to meet people?

If you are both adults and you are both honest with each other... and you are both 100% completely single... then what's the issue?

I actually need some legit responses because I don't see an issue if two people are totally honest with each other, what's wrong with it?


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  • The two biggest issues that I see regarding dating at work are:

    1) The one you identified about the boss and a coworker. Most people who work with that coworker, likely dislike her now. It is stupid and petty but it comes with the territory;

    2) If the two ever break-up it becomes the office issue and makes it hard for everyone to work if it's nasty;

    3) I was always told putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea. If both people work for the company and it tanks, both are out of job with virtually no income.

    4) The issue about being together 24/7 if you end up living together.

    • Sorry had 4 after I got going on it LOL

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    • Yeah that's true as well.. I think when I think of life events as "fate" or "what is meant to be will happen" it makes it easier to except outcomes.

    • Thanks for MHGuy, Cheers :)

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  • Because even good relationships sail through rough waters sometimes. Conflicts in relationships may affect the dynamic of the whole team/office, thus it's not advisable for couples (or even kin) to work together.


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  • Its only bad if it ends badly and you have to see each other at work. As long as you both can be mature about it and a breakup does happen, that you just remain friends and not let the issue bother you.


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  • Not really, it's just potentially an extra burden added to your life.

    You can handle it, I'm sure.