Why would a girl say I'm hot and then not give me her number?

I walk in a retail store the other day with two of my female friends

We have a cashier that is nice to me, and on the way out (according to my female friend) whispers to the cashier next to her "He's hot"

So the next day I return to the store to make a return and I go to the dressing room. Lo and behold I am helped by the girl from the day before. I say hi, do my thing in the dressing room, then come out and hand her the sign they give you when you go in and say "I don't usually give strange women my number." smile, then walk out.

I come back to try on a different pair of pants, do that, and on the way out she asks for the sign and I say "give me your number first" but not in an overly aggressive way. She laughs a little and says "I can't"

What went wrong here would you wager? We chatted a bit in between just about her pointing me in the wrong direction etc.

Do you think I wasn't persistent enough? Do you think it was because I didn't hand my phone to her, but instead just asked for hers (there was a pen and paper behind the desk anyway)


Could it have been something that I couldn't help, like she was dating someone she liked, someone might have walked in and she would get in trouble or something?


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  • Maybe she has a boyfriend, or maybe she just does not give her number to strangers. There could be a lot of reasons.

    • According to fb, she doesn't have a boyfriend but she might be dating someone and not at that phase. Who knows. Could be your second reason.

    • Yeah you could be right as well.

  • Just because she thinks you're hot doesn't mean she wants to date you or do anything with you.

    • lol I see. I have had this happen to me once more in my life other than this time. It boggles my mind but I suppose it is true.

  • It might be any reason. Maybe she has a boyfriend.


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