OMG YOU GUYS: I just spent the night at this place and need some of your opinions if this definitely something more?

My sleepover was Sunday, I Got there at 5:00 pm and these are the main thing that I noticed and observed:

1. He swam with me! Doing things that I like (since I'm a swimmer) even though he was cold was definitely a plus.
2. We got back made out and have sex. After in an hour, we got some dinner at a grocery store I offered that I will pay for mine I didn't want him paying but he asked me "are you sure?"

3. We cuddled in the night, so I guess that's a good sign?
4. We tried having sex in the morning but for some reason he couldn't keep it hard and was getting soft >_< It was already morning. He did his own routine of making coffee and his fruit shake but he didn't offer me! however, he did say I was more than welcome to join him hang out in the living room.

5. It's already Monday and we are both back to work, he kissed me and dropped me off to my car. and that was that!
6. Lastly, none of us mentioned anything about our relationship status, I mean I know we are exclusively dating from our previous sushi dinner date. But still, shouldn't we be talking about our next plans and such?

anyways, now waiting for a text from him and see how he will act now that I spent the night!


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  • Sounds like a very lovely night :) Very romantic.

    However, it's hard to say with just these details alone. Some guys are romantics and they will morph into Casanova even if they have no intention of actually being in a relationship with a woman. They just love the idea of romance and jump at the opportunity to be romantic and create a romantic atmosphere especially if sex is involved. Depending on his age, he might think it's normal for two grown adults who are attracted to each other and dating to eventually have sex as apart of the whole dating process and he may think that courtesy, respect, and a dash of romance just come with it. Or he may actually want to have you as a girlfriend. It's hard to tell for sure without knowing more about your history and him as a guy.

    • Thank you so much! What made you say it's romantic?

      it is hard to tell! I really think his next move will say something big time! and that is what I am worried about, what if he is player after all and a commitment phobe.

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    • It's only been one month?

    • We have been going on dates since February. then March he would flaked here and there. April we didn't talk at all. It's may now and he stepping it up a bit...

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