What does he really want from me?

I had this classmate for 10 months. He would always stare at me and he'd help me when I needed help. But then he never said hi to me. and when I asked him a question once he just went soft and looked at the floor. So shy!

then he got kicked out of school

Anyway later on, there was this guy who made 6 fake yahoomessenger accounts and a fake Facebook account. He used them to ask me out. The first time I stood him up so he asked me out again.He said he wanted a fling. The thing is he and I would always exchange dirty questions. This has been going on since July. Finally in Jan, I decided to go out with him. He did arrive, but then he didn't approach me. My friend who was with him after said that he was really troubled. Anyway I got mad, but then we still talked. Then finally I got so mad I took him out of my messenger list.

A week later, he asked me to view his webcam,but then I said I didn't want to have anything to do with him. Then on that same day I changed my picture in Facebook to this picture with this guy (who was just my friend although there were a lot of pics of us dancing together).I didn't mean to make him jealous, but I think he did. The next day he started dating this girl and they're still together (but not official).

I told him the truth about it all. Then at a concert he saw me and I saw him, and I caught him staring then a few days later, he added me again. We chatted but now he says there's no point in chatting cause all he wants is sex. I told him who I thought he was. Then later on my formspring account he kept on asking me questions like "why do you look like that?" or "Do you actually think that [insert name of fake account person] likes you? you like a gay man."

He also told me that there's no point in telling him who he is cause I'm never gonna give him what he wants. Maybe its cause once when he asked me out I said yeah but only once, just so I know who he is.

i remember before, when it took a while before I added him in ym, he started making a Facebook stat which said "a new day will come" then he posted something about just letting go and moving on.

The way he would stare at me...it was really something... what does he really want from me? Why make 6 accounts just for sex?


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  • I think that you should steer clear of him. He does sound quite obsessive and definitely not somebody you want to have meaningless sex with. I think you should just delete him from yahoo and Facebook and try to avoid him completely if possible. Not the most helpful answer I'm sorry. X

  • Idk that kid sounds obsessive I'm surprised your still talking to him.


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